Books for Adults

African American Art at the Art Institute of Chicago. 1997. Teacher Manual. The Art Institute of Chicago.
African Americans in Art: Selections from the Art Institute of Chicago. 1999. The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies 24, 2.
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Books for Children

Cooper, Michael L. 1995. Bound for the Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America. E. P. Dutton.
Lawrence, Jacob. 1993. The Great Migration: An American Story. HarperCollins.
Miller, Douglas. 1988. Frederick Douglass and the Fight for Freedom. Makers of America Series. Facts on File Publications.
Pinkney, Andrea Davis. 1998. Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince and His Orchestra. Hyperion Books for Children.
Sullivan, Charles, ed. 1991. Children of Promise: African American Literature and Art. Harry N. Abrams.
Sutcliff, Rosemary. 1995. The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of "The Odyssey." Delacorte Press.



American Visions: African American Perspectives in Art. Produced by the Art Institute of Chicago. 20 min. The Art Institute of Chicago, 2000.

Web Sites

The African American Mosaic
Black history resources at the Library of Congress, including photographs and primary documents relating to abolitionism and the Great Migration.
The Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History
Links to illustrated sites on important moments in black history, including the anti-slavery movement and the Harlem Renaissance. Includes a timeline, bibliography, study guides for students, and teacher resources.
The Internet African American History Challenge
Three levels of multiple-choice quizzes and profiles of prominent 19th-century black Americans, including Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman.
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave
Digitized edition of Douglass’s 1845 autobiography provided by the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE.
New Deal Network
Selections discussing African American participation in New Deal programs, including the WPA/FAP and the Federal Writers Project, a program that sponsored hundreds of interviews with former African American slaves.