Family Activity: Hats Off!

Explore Edgar Degas' painting The Millinery Shop, 1884/90 and decorate your own hat on the activity sheet!


A milliner is a person who makes hats. Imagine you are watching this young milliner from Degas' painting The Millinery Shop decorate a hat through a shop window. Can you see the pins in her mouth and the gloves she wears to protect the fabric?

Discussion Questions:

When we buy hats or caps today, we don’t usually see how they are made.
  • Have you ever bought something that you saw being made?
  • How do you think hats are made today?


Print out and decorate your own hat with crayons or markers

Materials Needed:

More Fun:

Find an old hat at home and decorate it with flowers made out of paper or scraps of fabric. Use safety pins to attach the flowers to the hat.

Family Self-Guide: Art in Action
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