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  Taoist Priest's Robe (Detail)
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Taoist Priest's Robe (detail)
Qing dynasty, mid-19th century
Embroidered silk tapestry
126 x 186.3 cm
Minneapolis Institute of Arts; John R. Van Derlip Fund
cat. no. 51


Lesson Objective: Students will research and write short reports on religious or cultural rituals and create displays to illustrate their findings.

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Subject Area: Social Sciences
Suggested Grade Level: Secondary School

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  • Have the class read the information on the Taoist Priest's Robe and then discuss the images on the robe, including the Five Sacred Peaks, the Eight Trigrams, and the cranes.
  • Discuss the robe's original function and the types of rituals in Taoism.
  • Discuss the difference between daily rituals and religious or cultural rituals. Encourage students to talk about rituals they have observed in their communities.
  • Discuss rituals practiced by people throughout the United States.


  • Divide the class into groups and assign each group a particular world religion or culture. Each group should research a ritual from their assigned religion or culture.
  • Ask students to think about how their particular ritual is representative of that religion or ethnic group.
  • Each group will create a visual display incorporating words and images that depict their selected ritual. Ask them to include a variety of two-and three-dimensional works and time arts to articulate their ideas. If possible, encourage them to bring in ritual implements and other objects used in the ritual.
  • When students have completed their research projects, ask each group to present its findings to the class.

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