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To see the "Close-up" views of the Ancient Art objects, their "Stories" and listen to the Glossary pronunciations you will need QuickTime. You can download the free software by clicking below.

STORIES:QuickTime Movies

Playing QuickTime Movies

Let the movie download completely and play automatically. You should not touch your keyboard or mouse while the movie downloads.

After the movie downloads completely it is stored in your systems memory cache.

When you replay the movie you can easily move through it using the tool bar.

Video Controls

This is your tool bar. Use the to play and the to pause.

You can play through the movie manually by using the button with a single line.

The buttons on the right allow you to move forward and backward a few frames at a time

Audio Controls

The movie volume can be adjusted by holding down and sliding the control up and down.

You can double the volume by holding down the "shift" key while changing the volume.

If these "Stories" are not opening, you will need to download QuickTime on your computer. (See above)





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