The American Numismatic Society, NY

ANS101, Walwel coin, early Lydian electrum issue


Karen Alexander

Kerameikos #1

Kerameikos # 2

Parthenon-like structure in Southern Italy


Alinari/Art Resource, NY

S0058614/C0022010, Michelangelo’s David

S0026576/C0021330, Roman Mosaic with Wounded Bear

S0017128/C0021330, Battle of Alexander


American Library Color Slide Co., Inc.

26529; 27049; 60951; 58712; 22753; 21305; 27779; 23535; 54916; 20931; 17429; 17519


Andromeda Oxford Ltd.

24.Levi.120.HR, Reconstruction of a Greek house at Olynthus.

Archivision, a Visual Image Bank, Toronto







The Art Institute of Chicago

Photographs from the Classical Art Collection

In the European Decorative Arts and Sculpture, and Classical Art Dept.


The Berlin Museum, © Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, 1999

KleopatraVII.Inv.1976.10, Head of Cleopatra

Boltin Picture Library

BPL C109D-3-Tut 1976 #36, Tomb of Tutankhamun, Funerary Boat.




The British Museum, Photographic Service, Licensed by the Trustees of the British Museum.

BMMA 227153

BMMA PS302856


The Brooklyn Museum

BM CD, Shabti of Sati, 37.123E


The Cleveland Museum of Art

CLV 1971.46 -71.46, black figure Dinos with boat


©The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York

COR 79.1.4, Head of Amenhotep II


The Detroit Institute of Arts

DIA 8886 74.53, Draped marble Aphrodite

DIA 31.70, stone scultpure of scribe

DIA 11462, Unfinished statue of standing man, Gift of the Mendes Excavation


Dr. Owen Doonan and Dr. C. Brian Rose

Photograph of Hadrian portrait from Troy Excavation,

Footage from Troy Excavation video


Peter Doorman

Image of Step Pyramid from the south, Egypt.


The Field Museum, Chicago





Collection of The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, California

GET 73.AA.27

GET 77.AA.66det

GET 72.AA.152


Giraudon/Art Resource, NY

S0007839/C0018910, Anubis leaning over the mummy

S0087968/C0018186, Praxiteles



The N.P. Goulandris Foundation, Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens

Goulandris 309, Pregnant female folded arm figurine

Goulandris 286, Seated male drinker


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Robert Hashimoto, Senior Photographer, Department of Imaging,

The Art Institute of Chicago


Heinnemann Publishers Oxford, A Division of Reed Educational & Professional Publishing Ltd.

94.Rome.p20, Man gluing stone, by Nigel Longden


W. Raymond Johnson

Amunhotep III statue from Luxor Cachette, now in Luxor Museum


Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

KRN 70-8-4, Vase with Herakles in the Garden of the Hesperides


Erich Lessing/Art Resource, NY

S0013973/C0022413, Bust of Plato

S0099848/C0022216, Pugilist resting. Bronze statue of Apollonios

S0086823/C0018910, Venus Anadyomene

S0008555/C0018910, Birth of Venus

S0002725/C0020066, Hercules fighting Cerberus

S0084422/C0017975, Atlas, Hercules, Athena with Golden Apples

S0007247/C0021854, Fancy dress banquet

S0080393/C0021854, An elephant is lead aboard a ship

S0069000/C0021330, Dioscurides of Samos


Jurgen Liepe, Photo Archives, Ancient Art.

JE 46724

JE 46723

JE 46722

JE 46715


Louvre, Agence Photographique de la Reunion des Musees Nationaux

LOUV Dg1Dh59

LOUV 00227515

LOUV D93D81/CP5196


The Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation

Centeninial Park Office.

The Parthenon, Nashville, TN, Photographed by Gary Layda


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

Egyptian: 30.4.19 facsimile, ship of Huy, from the tomb of Amenhotep Huy;

20.3.1 traveling boat; 68.58 chair of Renyseneb; 26.8.117 headdress; 20.3.7 offering bearer; 16.1.1 cosmetic box; 30.4.114 facsimile, Ipuy and wife receiving offerings, from the tomb of Ipuy; 31.6.11 facsimile, metal casters, from the tomb of Rekhmira; 15.2.2ab coffin of Khnumnakhte; 30.4.116 facsimile, carpenters making catafalque, from the tomb of Ipuy; 36.3.57ab basket; Greek: 47.100.0 Cycladic figure with harp; 1972.118.54 head of a griffin; 14.130.14 Geometric funerary krater; 21.88.17 lekythos with Hermes and Charon; 1978.11.13 Panathenaic amphora, three runners; 98.8.13 black-figured amphora, Memnon and Ethiopians; 23.160.81 relief with mallet and chisel; 54.3.5,62.78.1ab Iranian gold plaque. All rights reserved


Courtesy, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Reproduced with permission.

©2000 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. All Rights Reserved.

False door of Khufu-Ankh, Egypt from Giza, 4th Dynasty;

Limestone; H x W: 2.960 x 1.830 m.

Harvard University, Museum of Fine Arts Expedition, 21.3081

Crocodile mummy, Egypt, Ptolemaic-Roman,

Linen; L: 52 cm.

Hay Collection. Gift of C. Granville Way, 72.4905

Head of Socrates, Greece, Athens, Roman

Greek original by Lysippos

Marble from the quarries of Mount Pentelikon, near Athens;

H: 20.4 cm (8 in.)

Fredrick Brown Fund, 60.45

Homer, Greece, Greede

Fine-Grained, Greek mainland (?) marble; H x L (of face): 41 x 21 cm

Henry Lillie Pierce Fund, 04.13

Amphora, Greece, Attica, Athens, about 480 B.C.; The Dutuit Painter

Ceramic, Red Figure; H: 34.2 cm (13 1/2 in.)

Francis Bartlett Fund, 13.188


National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Hellenic Republic, Ministry of Culture #394, Bronze, inlaid dagger blade with lion hunt, from Grave Circle A, Mycenae,






Nimatallah/Art Resource, NY

S0016692/C0021330, Athena of Varvakion

S0018272/C0021330, Greek pursuing a wounded Amazon

S0011624/C0021330, Nile mosaic of the Temple of Fortuna

S0039784/C0021330, View of the Colosseum exterior

S0025774/C0022010, Golden Funerary mask of Agamemnon


The Oriental Institute

Courtesy of The Oriental Institute of The University of Chicago

TT51, Userhat

OIM10758, Gerzean pot

OIM10638, Woman Grinding grain

OIM11495, Slaughter house

OIM11488, Pit Burial

OIM1351, Stele of Djedkhonsu es ankh

OIM18827, Prisoner plaque

OIM16721, Bird plaque: Medinet Habu

OIMsm1502b, Tomb of Khereuf: Hughes examines coffin and mummy

OIM18275-6, Mummified duck and case

OIMsm1514, Tomb of Khereuf: coffins

OIMsm1516, Tomb of Khereuf: nested coffins

OIM10504, Falcon, sm8511b

OI.Postcard.27939, Old Chicago House during inundation, P27939

TT261, Picking Grapes

OIMA22212, Ivory Griffin Plaque Megiddo, Palestine Front

OIMs8124, Painted wall scene

OIMs9323, Artists paint box


Professor Ramazan Ozgan

Two photographs of the Site of Cnidos (Knidos).


Dr. C. Brian Rose

Photograph of Hadrian portrait from Troy Excavation,

Footage fromTroy Excavation video


The Royal Ontario Museum, Photograph courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum, © ROM.

962.228.16, Athena Parthenos model


Mohammed el-Saghir

Das Statuenversteck im Luxortempel by Mohammed El-Saghir

p. 15, fig. 30; view of the excavation of the Luxor Cachette

The photograph is by U. Mangold.






Saskia Ltd. Cultural Documentation














Scala/Art Resource, NY

S0058822/C0021340, Griffin heads

S0022909/C0021340, Bronze tripod with sculptural decorations

S0088247/C0018369, Banquet with kottabos players and lovers

S0098489/C0021723, Aristotle

S0089459/C0018910, Mural of the ambush of Troilus

S0014008/C0018910, Pieta in St. Peter’s Basilica

S0046078/C0018910, Gold Etruscan Bracelets

S0082537/C0018910, Inside of the Tomb of the Reliefs

S0037049/C0018910, Banquet Scene

S0089466/C0018910, Reconstruction of the Inghirami Tomb

S0007922/C0021340, Statue of Marcus Aurelius

S0027890/C0019762, Venus Capitolina

S0014891/C0017975, The birth of Venus

S0074059/C0017975, Birth of Venus, The Ludovisi Throne

S0085061/C0017975, Venus of Cnidos

S0009959/C0022782, Voyage of Joseph and his brothers

S0083803/C0021330, Gladiators and leopard

S0009263/C0021723, The Battle of Issus

S0074695/C0022010, Battle between Romans and Barbarians

S0046674/C0022010, Wolf with Romulus and Remus


The Seattle Art Museum, Eugene Fuller Memorial Collection.

ECFM 55.164, statue of Thoth by Djedhor


SEF/Art Resource, NY

S0077057/C0021723 General view of the excavation at Persepolis


John Bigelow Taylor/Art Resource, NY

S0026567/C0018910, Cycladic Head from the Keros-Syros Culture

S0026559/C0018910, Cycladic monumental figure

S0026557/C0018910, The Libation-Maker, Cycladic




Dr. Emily Teeter

ET.07, Khufu ship

ET.09, Boat on the Nile

ET.32-35, Ramesses I

ET90, Sun setting over pyramids

ET101, TT96

ET103, TT55

ET120, Hieros

ET121, Pyramid

ET122, Shrine

ET123, Graffiti

ET130, Djoser: Enclosure wall

ET132, Djoser: Heb sed court

ET133, Djoser: Door

ET134, Heb sed court 1st pavillion

ET136, Djoser: Statue in serdab

ET137, Ny'nnkhnum - Khnumhotep

ET201, Philae column

ET202, Date palm column

ET401, Tomb of Nyankhakhnum

ET40, Burial Amonherkhepshef

ET403, False door Mereruka

ET405, Aswan Quarry

ET406, Ramose grid

ET407, Tools

ET408, Sunrise at Giza

ET409, Sunset at Giza

ET411, Edfu doorway

ET418-KY9. Ramesses VI

ET419-KY9, Burial Chamber

ET424, Hypostyle hall at Karnak

ET427, sun court at Luxor Temple

ET901, Landscape

ET902, Desert View

ET903, First Cataract ; Giza Pyramids

ET904, Luxor Temple

ET906, Tutankahmum: Luxor

ET909, Philae temple with cross

ET910, Karnak heraldic pillars

ET911, Giza Pyramids

ET990, Mediterranean

ET991, Khufu ship

ET.80.KARNAK, View of karnak with portal

ET10/KALABASH, Kalabsha Temple

ET30.4.19 bottom, Huy

ET31.70, Scribe


Vanni/Art Resource, NY

S0011037/C0022782, Statue of Asclepius

S0085072/C0017975, Metopes from the Temple of Zeus

S0031280/C0021330, Mosiac from Pella, Greece.


©Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

VMFA 71.20 -36.Vermeule.plt22, Caligula in a Toga;

VMFA 79.100.1.HR-Virginia 79.100, Symposium scene, ram's head rhyton


University of Wisconsin Press

Photograph of Etruscan Mirror from Merlot and the Etruscans


Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts, Museum Purchase

WAM 1914.23, portrait bust of Caligula,1914.23





Ancient Egypt, The Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Rus Gant

Dirty Business; Princely Bronzes, Collection of The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, California

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Mummification, Thomas H. Wood, Brier-Wood Video

Story of Glass, ©The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York

Troia - Ausgrabungen 1992-93; C. Brian Rose, Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology, University of Cincinnati

Owen Doonan, Research Excavation Footage in Troy





Music composed by Lou Mallozzi


Robbie Hunsinger

Lou Mallozzi

Matthew Owens

Michael Zerang

Music recorded at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago


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