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Architectural Adventure

Lesson plan based on Hadrian

Construct a three—dimensional model of the Pantheon.

Skills and Focus: Geometry, Problem Solving

Subject Area: Mathematics

Thematic Connection: Identifying Patterns

Grade Level: Elementary School

Time Needed: 80 minutes


• Analyze a building based on different views and plans.

• Reconstruct a building based on photographs and plans.

Instructional Materials Needed

Story: Who Was Hadrian?

Construction paper

Scissors, transparent tape

Printouts of various views of the Pantheon (found at http://harpy.uccs.edu/roman/html/pantheonslides.html)


Step 1: After watching Who Was Hadrian?, emphasize that Hadrian was not only the emperor of Rome, but also the designer of the Pantheon and other important buildings.

Step 2: Look at images and plans of the Pantheon with the class. Discuss with the students the basic two—dimensional and three—dimensional shapes used in designing the Pantheon.

Step 3: Lead the class in making a three—dimensional model of the Pantheon, and discuss with students how simple geometric forms can be turned into a complex structure.


This activity meets Illinois State Goal 9: Use geometric methods to analyze, categorize, and draw conclusions about points, lines, planes, and space.

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