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Subject Area: Fine Arts

Grade Level: Middle School

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Model Boat: Life After Death Choose and create objects needed for a productive afterlife in ancient Egypt.
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Mummy Case: Personal Mummy Case Create a papier mâché mummy case covered with personal symbols from students’ lives.
Amenemhet: Tomb Interiors Explore tomb artwork, its placement, and its function in the afterlife.


Alexander Coin: Rulers for a Day Design and create foil coins with images that symbolize students’ imaginary leadership in the ancient world.
Cycladic Figure:Human Abstraction Explore and compare abstraction of human forms in various ancient cultures and by creating self—portraits using geometric shapes.
Amphora: Painting Pottery Summarize and illustrate the process of painting an ancient Greek vessel.


Mosaic Floor: Modern Mosaics Construct individual mosaics that simulate ancient Roman techniques of manipulating tesserae to create three—dimensional illusions.
Fallen Warrior: Household Decoration Compare two ancient artworks to determine how they originally functioned in private Roman homes.
Hadrian: Portrait of a Ruler Create a full—length portrait of the Emperor Hadrian that conveys his role through attributes.
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