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Subject Area: Fine Arts

Grade Level: Secondary School

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Model Boat: Art on the Move Research, analyze, and compare artworks that depict transportation.
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Mummy Case: Life After Death Explore ancient Egyptian beliefs about death and the afterlife by observing and interpreting the design and illustration of a mummy case.
Amenemhet: The Human Form, Egyptian Style Analyze traditional ancient Egyptian depictions of the human body.


Alexander Coin: Reflecting Culture Through Coins Research and recreate coins from ancient civilizations to determine how the imagery reflects the cultures which originally made them.
Cycladic Figure: Abstract to Real: The Human Form in Art Analyze and evaluate the effects of abstraction and realism on depictions of the human form in ancient and modern—day cultures.
Amphora: Form and Function Discover the function of ancient Greek vessels by comparing their characteristics.


Mosaic Floor: Modern Mosaics Construct individual mosaics that simulate ancient Roman techniques of manipulating tesserae to create three—dimensional illusions.
Fallen Warrior: Ancient Roman Residential Décor Determine how works of art decorated Roman homes and design other artworks to accompany them.
Hadrian: Portrait Propaganda Design an installation for a portrait of Hadrian in an ancient Roman town to illustrate and comprehend its propaganda role in daily life.
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