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Subject Area: English Language Arts

Grade Level: Elementary School

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Model Boat: A Trip Down the Nile Create a virtual field trip down the Nile by writing and illustrating journal entries from the perspective of an ancient Egyptian sailor.
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Mummy Case: Prayers for Paankhenamun Find out about key attributes, characteristics, and roles of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses by writing a letter or a poem asking them to welcome an Egyptian to the afterlife.
Amenemhet: Personal Hieroglyphs Explore and compare hieroglyphic writing to the modern English alphabet through the creation of personal hieroglyphics.


Alexander Coin: Count Your Pennies Analyze and compare imagery and symbolism in ancient Greek and contemporary U.S. coins.
Cycladic Figure:Daily Life and Schooling Compare the ancient Greek method of schooling and writing to contemporary methods
Amphora: Creating a Legend Describe modern—day legends and compare them to ancient legends.


Mosaic Floor: Animals in Ancient Rome Invent, illustrate, and describe hybrid exotic animals, their imaginary origins, and lifestyles.
Fallen Warrior: Icons Compare the characteristics and values depicted in ancient wall decorations with art displayed in contemporary rooms.
Hadrian: Vocabulary of Ancient Rome Define vocabulary relative to ancient Rome through oral presentations.
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