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Subject Area: Mathematics

Grade Level: Middle School

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Model Boat: Boat Size from Bow to Stern Estimate, simulate, and compare the length of an ancient Egyptian boat using human rowers as units of measure.
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Mummy Case: Measuring a Mummy Case Calculate the size of a mummy case and its contents using ancient Egyptian measurements.
Amenemhet: Alternative Alphabet Determine and compare hieroglyph content and frequency to sentences constructed in an alternative alphabet based on symbols that mimic sounds of the alphabet.


Alexander Coin: Coin Content Calculate ancient Greek coin values as compared to their weight, equivalence in grain, and determine their worth today.
Cycladic Figure:It’s All Proportional Use the ancient Greek canon of proportion to measure and compare an ancient Greek sculpture to students’ body sizes.
Amphora: Aristophanes’s Party Calculate the length of time it will take for Aristophanes’s guests to deplete his supply of wine.


Mosaic Floor: A Matter of Proportion Measure the relative heights of the mosaic giraffe and its trainer and compare their proportions to an actual giraffe and zoo trainer.
Fallen Warrior: Scaling Down Art Change the scale of a work of art using ratios, percentages, and proportions.
Hadrian: Geometric Design Determine which geometric shapes were used to design the Pantheon and estimate its interior volume.
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