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Subject Area: Science

Grade Level: Elementary School

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Model Boat: Ship Ahoy! Simulate a journey down the Nile River to appreciate the river’s size and the slow pace of ancient travel.
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Mummy Case: Skeleton Study Identify parts of a human skeleton on an x—ray of a mummy.
Amenemhet: Food Pyramids: Structuring a Stable Diet Analyze the diet of an ancient Egyptian man to determine whether he had a balanced diet.


Alexander Coin: Coin Comparisons Create "ancient" clay coins to understand the ratio of weight to value, physical properties, and how ancient coins compare to contemporary coins.
Cycladic Figure:Dig It Up Simulate an archaeological excavation to determine how archeologists make inferences about various cultures.
Amphora: A Lion’s Lair Research and illustrate lion habitats to determine whether lions were likely to have lived in ancient Greece.


Mosaic Floor: Wild Habitats Research and Illustrate the natural habitats of giraffes and other animals imported into ancient Rome.
Fallen Warrior: Healing Fallen Warriors Read ancient Greek texts to explore evidence for healing wounds.
Hadrian: The Artistic Process Experiment with and compare different types of natural resources and tools used by artists in ancient Rome.
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