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Subject Area: Science

Grade Level: Secondary School

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Model Boat: Travel the Nile Calculate travel times along the Nile River under different conditions using an ancient Egyptian boat and alternative forms of modern—day transportation.
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Mummy Case: Building a Body: Scale, Proportion, and Ratio Measure, analyze, and compare the ancient Egyptian canon of proportions using a mummy, painted images, and photographs of people today.
Amenemhet: Carving Stone with Copper Simulate and evaluate the process of carving stone with copper tools.


Alexander Coin: Ancient Atomic Theories Research ancient texts and compare ancient Greek atomic theories, as used in the production of silver, to modern theories.
Cycladic Figure: Marble: A Carver’s Delight Explore the formation and physical properties of marble and why it is a popular stone to carve.
Amphora: Pottery Science Determine the principles of oxidation, reduction, and the color properties of iron—based compounds.


Mosaic Floor: Wild Kingdom Research and discuss the natural habitats and various evolutionary theories of giraffes and other animals imported into ancient Rome.
Fallen Warrior: Medicine: Then and Now Read ancient Greek texts to explore ancient healing practices and compare them to modern—day medicine.
Hadrian: Testing Carving Tools Construct an ancient bow drill and compare its effectiveness at carving stone to marks made by other tools.
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