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Subject Area: Social Science

Grade Level: Elementary School

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Model Boat: Natural Lifelines Explore and compare the function of the Nile in Ancient Egypt to your city’s or state’s natural resources.
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Mummy Case: Providing for the Afterlife Decide which personal items would be necessary for success and happiness in the afterlife.
Amenemhet: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Write about some aspects of daily life in ancient Egypt.


Alexander Coin: Coin Comparisons Analyze and compare symbols and their meanings on ancient Greek and contemporary coins.
Cycladic Figure:An Archeological Adventure Simulate an archeological dig in the classroom to explore a culture through its artifacts.
Amphora: Vessels Then and Now Determine the role of vessels in ancient Greek life and identify their modern—day equivalents.


Mosaic Floor: Animals from Afar Visualize the scope of the Roman empire by illustrating the geographic origins of various imported animals.
Fallen Warrior: Public Art Analyze and compare the role of public sculpture in ancient Greece and today’s neighborhoods.
Hadrian: Honoring Leaders Design and compare monuments that honor an imaginary Roman emperor and a future American president.
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