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Subject Area: Social Science

Grade Level: Middle School

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Model Boat: A River Runs Through It Use timelines to research, compare, and illustrate the impact and influence of the Nile and Chicago rivers on the development of ancient Egypt and the city of Chicago.
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Mummy Case: Rebirth and Renewal Identify and compare ancient Egyptian and contemporary symbols of rebirth and renewal.
Amenemhet: Ancient and Modern Diets Investigate the ancient Egyptian diet and compare it to the contemporary American diet.


Alexander Coin: The Odyssey of a Coin Create a fictitious newspaper article to document the travels of an ancient Greek coin.
Cycladic Figure: Human Expression Compare figurative works of art to determine what they say about the cultures that created them.
Amphora: Form, Story, and Function: Then and Now Compare the function and decoration of everyday objects from ancient Greece and today’s world.


Mosaic Floor: An Animal’s Role: Then and Now Illustrate the geographic origins of various animals imported into the Roman empire and compare their roles to those of animals in the world today.
Fallen Warrior: Military Memorials Analyze ancient sculpture and determine its success in conveying aspects of war and military sacrifice through the ages.
Hadrian: Carving Stone the Ancient Way Construct an ancient bow drill and demonstrate its effectiveness in carving stone.
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