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Subject Area: Social Science

Grade Level: Secondary School

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Model Boat: A River Runs Through It Use timelines to research, compare, and illustrate the impact and influence of the Nile and Chicago rivers on the development of ancient Egypt and the city of Chicago.
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Mummy Case: A Tale of Two Cities Research and compare Thebes to your hometown to understand how a city’s geography, economy, climate, and culture affect its inhabitants.
Amenemhet: An Ancient Egyptian Journal Entry Describe everyday life in ancient Egypt by writing an entry in the journal of an ancient Egyptian man or woman.


Alexander Coin: The Odyssey of a Coin Create a fictitious newspaper article to document the travels of an ancient Greek coin.
Cycladic Figure: Ancient Abstraction Compare and debate how an ancient Greek sculpture is similar to modern art.
Amphora: Symposia: Scholarly Parties Hold a symposium during which students debate the benefits of democracy in ancient Greece and the United States.


Mosaic Floor: Animals in Myths and Real Life Research the role of lions, elephants, and bears in ancient Roman life and mythology.
Fallen Warrior: Military Memorials Analyze ancient and modern military memorials and determine their success in conveying aspects of war and military sacrifice.
Hadrian: Honoring an Imperial Legacy Research, compare, and identify imperial Rome’s impact on modern governments.
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