Re: Egyptian creator god; the sun-god of the sky, earth, and underworld; his main cult center was at Heliopolis in Lower Egypt

Re-Atum: a manifestation of Re, the sun-god; form of Re associated with the setting sun

relief: sculpture in which figures stand out from, but are attached to the background surface

Renaissance 14th–16th centuries A.D.: period after the Middle Ages in Europe when interest in classical learning was reborn

reverse: "tails" side of a coin

rhyton: drinking or scooping vessel in the form of an animal head

Roman copies of Greek originals: replicas of famous Greek statues made for the Roman art market

Roman Republic 509 B.C.–27 B.C.: period of Roman history after expulsion of the Etruscan kings and before establishment of the Empire by Augustus Caesar

sarcophagus: coffin; in Egypt made of wood or stone; in Greece, Etruria, and Rome made of stone, terracotta, or wood, and often decorated with sculpted or painted figures