trial piece: object used by an artist to experiment or practice a skill or idea

triclinium: dining room of a Roman house furnished with couches for reclining

Troy: city in western Turkey famous as the site of the legendary war between the Greeks and the Trojans

Upper Egypt: area in Egypt approximately between Thebes and Aswan; also known as southern Egypt

ushebti: also called a "shawabty"; a mummiform statuette included in Egyptian tombs as a substitute for laborers

Venus: Roman name for Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty

villa: Roman country house or estate

vizier: high-ranking official in the Egyptian government

Vulcan: Roman god of fire; known as Hephaistos to the Greeks

Zeus: king of the Greek gods; known as Jupiter to the Romans

Zeus Ammon: the combination of the Greek sky god Zeus with the Egyptian ram-headed god Amun