Bertrand Goldberg understood the power of the camera to shape the architectural image, and claimed that without the photography firm Hedrich-Blessing, "there would have been no contemporary architecture." Goldberg worked closely with Hedrich-Blessing for over four decades, as well as a number of other Chicago talents including photographers Richard Nickel and Orlando Cabanban.

Audio: Bertrand Goldberg with Timothy Leary and Ralph Metzner in Chicago, 1965
In this 1965 rare recording, Bertrand Goldberg leads psychologists Timothy Leary and Ralph Metzner on a tour of the recently completed Marina City and the Raymond Hilliard Center construction site. Famous for their research into various forms of psychedelic experience, Leary and Metzner discuss the layers of symbolism and social program in Goldberg's buildings.

Video: This Is Marina City—A Presentation of the Portland Cement Association, 1965
Produced by the Portland Cement Association, This is Marina City presented audiences with a detailed view of Bertrand Goldberg's elaborate design and construction process for this iconic building. From the daily sequencing of craftsmen working on the towers to plans for the project's many amenities, this film stresses the modern concept and coordination of this building project. This video has been edited from its original length.

Held by the Department of Architecture and Design and the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries, the Art Institute's Bertrand Goldberg Archive comprehensively chronicles Goldberg's diverse career as architect, engineer, urban planner, lecturer and businessman through photographs, drawings, correspondence, manuscripts, publications and audiovisual materials.

Map: Projects—Built and Unbuilt
While Bertrand Goldberg did much of his work in and around Chicago, he also built and designed projects for locations across the United States.