The following lesson plans have been designed to help teachers plan classroom activities that will enhance their students’ understanding of objects in the Art Institute of Chicago. They can be used as a resource both before and after a museum visit.

Although particular grade levels have been suggested for each lesson plan, the plans can be adapted to other age groups. Academic subject areas are listed along with key terms, materials, procedures, and time estimates. (One class period assumes one hour.) A list of the fulfilled Illinois Learning Standards follows each lesson plan.

Art teachers may also wish to view Family Activities, an area of the site with at-home art projects that can be adapted for classroom use.

Color Combinations
Grades 7–8 Science and Fine Arts

Act It Out
Grades 4–6 Language Arts and Fine Arts

Send a Postcard
Grades 2–3 Language Arts and Fine Arts

Urban Space
Grades 5–8 Fine Arts