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The Magic of America: Electronic Edition

This section describes the major features of "The Magic of America: Electronic Edition" website, provides basic technical information about the project, and lists significant changes made to the Digital Text and the Image Database.

The Magic of America: Archival Texts

This section provides a description and history of the physical, archival texts of "The Magic of America" as well as an overview of its structure and a commentary on its content.

For a timeline of the life of Marion Mahony Griffin and an article on her life and work, see the Supplementa section. Citations to quotations from "The Magic of America" follow the form: Section, page (i.e., I.199 = Section I, page 199).

Editorial Procedures for the Digital Text

This section describes decisions regarding the editing of the digital text of "The Magic of America." The section is divided into four parts detailing the general goals of the project, the arrangement of the digital text, editorial changes made to the text as transcribed, and glosses and notes added to the digital text.

Editorial Procedures for the Image Database

This section gives a general description of the database of illustrations for "The Magic of America" (MoA) by Marion Mahony Griffin (MMG) and further defines the individual fields in that database.

About the Project

This section acknowledges those who helped create "The Magic of America: Electronic Edition" and contact information for those who wish to comment on the project.