Sailboat, Brooklyn Bridge, New York Skyline

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John Marin
American, 1870-1953

Sailboat, Brooklyn Bridge, New York Skyline, 1934

Oil on canvas board, in original frame
356 x 451 mm (from website, described as image, but probably sight)
Terra Foundation for American Art, Daniel J. Terra Collection, Art Acquisition Endowment Fund, Terra2006.1

Reich 34.23

Rich in texture, this work is distinctive for its frame, which consists of standard white molding that Marin altered with black and white paint. Integral to his conception of the picture, the short, painted lines around the outer edge join the syncopated rhythms of the composition. This painting employs the taut balance between line and color that Marin had worked out in drawings and watercolors of the 1920s, yet here the possibility of weight and dimensional texture is contributed by the inherent properties of oil paint. A teetering Brooklyn Bridge, red buildings, an enclosed sailboat motif, waves, wharves, and skyscrapers all appear to dance on the surface of the painting, embodying the free spirit of Jazz Age New York.