Comparison of Back (I) to Back (II)

Back (I)

Back (II)

Through laser-scanning technology, our project team obtained thousands of precise measurements of each surface of the Back sculptures. These enabled us to generate a three-dimensional model for each of the works; presented in gray scale, they allow us to appreciate surface details more fully than traditional photographs of the bronze casts. The digital models can also be superimposed, and assigning each one a different color allows us to compare the real differences in depth, clarifying the kind of work Matisse undertook as he moved the work from state to state.

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Matisse: Radical Invention 1913-1917
Bathers by a River
Back: 1908-09, 1911(?)-13, 1913-16, c. 1931
A Great French Painter, Henri Matisse: A film from 1946
Art Institute of Chicago
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