Elusive Bogdan- A Partisan Tale

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Georgii Konstantinovich Savitskii
(Born St. Petersburg, 1887; died Moscow, 1949)
Dem'ian Bednyi
(Born Gubovka, 1883; died Moscow, 1945)

Elusive Bogdan- A Partisan Tale, TASS No. 0770, August 14, 1943

2530 x 1175 mm
Bogdan’s detachment is a mobile partisan detachment specializing in surprise raids. The Germans have repeatedly tried to surround Bogdan’s detachment. But whenever such operations appeared to near their successful conclusion, the Germans found… a goat with the sign: “See you soon. Bogdan.”
(From the newspapers)

Herr commandant is in the Ukraine.
Herr commandant drinks coffee in the morn.
“My, how gut!... How blue the sky is!”
His adjutant flies in like a bomb
Crying: “He’s here! He’ll kill us both
Right now from his pistol.”
The visit of elusive Bogdan
Was fatal for them!

Peace and quiet… How blue the sky is!..
The dead adjutant lies on the ground,
And near the hut on an aspen
There hangs the pudgy commandant.
The goat, as white as sour cream,
Is pleased with such a glorious day.
There hangs upon it a sign
From elusive Bogdan.

A green wood and meadow.
Figures dart through the mist.
The Germans are excited: “Gut!”
There’ll be no deception now.
Now they will ambush
Elusive Bogdan!

Shards of tins. Two cups.
Here the partisans were eating.
But there’s no trace of the partisans.
A goat, white like sour cream,
Grazes. He feels no sorrow!
He bears a boastful message
From elusive Bogdan!

The forest. The HQ of the heroic partisan,
And on a wagon stands the hero himself.
Before him three Germans stand in formation.
Lies flow from their mouths as from a fountain:
“We’re against Hitler!... All drei of us!”
But they won’t escape the trap:
“All drei” of them are fated to lie in the damp earth
According to the sentence issued by the ataman,
By elusive Bogdan!
Ne boltai! Collection, Obj: 205854