Masterpieces of Photography from the Museum's Collection

September 18–November 8, 1959

Alexander Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the Civil War

November 19–December 30, 1959

My Camera and I in the Loop: Photographs by Ray Metzker

December 18, 1959–February 21, 1960

Sequence 13: Return to the Bud by Minor White

April 8–May 8, 1960

Photographs by Edward Weston

Photographs by John Szarkowski

May 20–July 10, 1960

The Artist in His Studio: Photographs by Alexander Liberman

July 8–September 11, 1960

George Platt Lynes: Portraits, 1931–52

July 15–August 28, 1960

Photographs by Yasuhiro Ishimoto

October 21–December 4, 1960

The Personal Eye: Clarence John Laughlin

December 9, 1960–January 15, 1961

Photographs by Syl Labrot

January 20–March 5, 1961

Photographs by Rodney Galarneau, Thomas Knudtson, David Rowinski, Joseph Sterling

March 10–April 23, 1961

Photographs by Robert Frank

April 28–June 11, 1961

Photographs by Joseph D. Jachna

June 16–July 30, 1961

The Interpretive Photography of Lewis Hine

August 4–September 10, 1961

Photographs by Ralph M. Hattersley

September 19–October 29, 1961

Photographs by Richard Veit

November 3–December 17, 1961

Photographs by George Nan

December 22, 1961–February 4, 1962

Stephen Deutch Photographs

February 10–March 18, 1962

Color Photographs by Howard Dearstyne

March 24–April 29, 1962

Photographs by Rudolph Janu

Photographs by Robert Earl Wilson

July 28–August 26, 1962

Photographs by Simpson Kalisher

September 1–October 7, 1962

Robert Riger: The Pros—A Documentary of Professional Football in America

October 12–December 2, 1962

Photographs by Adam Clark Vroman

December 8, 1962–January 20, 1963

Dorothea Lange and Pirkle Jones: Death of a Valley

January 19–March 3, 1963

Photographs by Frederick Sommer

Photographs by Dennis Stock

Color Photographs by Charles Swedlund

A Dialogue with Solitude: Photographs by Dave Heath

July 12–August 18, 1963

Midwest Landscapes: Photographs by Art Sinsabaugh

August 24–September 29, 1963

Photographs by Enrico Sarsini

October 5–November 3, 1963

Fred Beckman Photographs

November 9–December 8, 1963

Photographs by Eliot Porter

December 14, 1963–January 26, 1964

Inge Morath Photographs

Aaron Siskind: Photographs 1954–1961

March 14–April 19, 1964

The Track: Photographs in Color by Robert Riger

May 8–July 5, 1964

Photographs by Imogen Cunningham

July 10–September 6, 1964

The Photographs of Marc Riboud

September 11–November 8, 1964

Photographs by Walker Evans

November 13, 1964–January 10, 1965

Photographs by Bruce Davidson

January 16–March 14, 1965

Photographs by William R. Current

March 20–May 16, 1965

Photographs by Father Algimantas Kezys, S. J.

May 22–July 18, 1965

Photographs by Sergio Larraín

July 24–September 19, 1965

Photographs by Paul Vanderbilt

September 25–November 21, 1965

Lyle Bongé: Mardi Gras and Other Photographs

December 4, 1965–January 23, 1966

James Marchael: Photographs of Chicago

January 29–March 27, 1966

Danny Lyon: Photographs

Photographs by Peter Fink

August 6–September 25, 1966

Color Photographs by Chester Danett

October 1–November 13, 1966

Photographs by Harold Allen and Edward Sturr

November 19, 1966–January 15, 1967

Marie Cosindas: Polaroid Color Photographs

January 21–March 15, 1967

Photographs by Charles Harbutt

March 25–May 21, 1967

Photographs by Jonas Dovydenas

Contemporary Photographs by Obsolete Processes, by Joel Snyder

July 29–September 10, 1967

Photographs by René Burri

Arthur Siegel: Light and Color Photography

November 18, 1967–January 14, 1968

Photographs by Ann Treer

January 20–March 10, 1968

Photographs, Photo-Etchings, Clichés-Verre by Keith Smith

Photographs by Duane Michals

Photography before 1914

August 3–September 29, 1968

Photographs by Arthur Sawyers

Photographs by Henriette Grindat

The American People: Photographs by Enrico Natali

Prison and the Free World: Photographs by Danny Lyon

Photographs by Roger Vail and Larry McPherson

Man in Sport: An International Exhibition of Photography

Fragments of the Past: From Negatives in the Collection of David R. Phillips, Part I

September 6–October 19, 1969

Fragments of the Past: From Negatives in the Collection of David R. Phillips, Part II

October 25, 1969–December 7, 1969

Parris Island: Photographs by William Mares

Photographs by Edmund Teske

Photographs by Eugène Atget

Photographs by Dennis Subia and James Zanzi

Lucien Clergue: Photographs

Thomas Eakins as a Photographer

June 27–August 9, 1970