Besides health care designs, few major projects were brought to completion by Goldberg's firm during the 1970s. The 1980s and 1990s saw the emergence of a drastically downsized Bertrand Goldberg Associates (BGA), with satellite offices closing, as few commissions came to fruition. Significant buildings of this period include River City (see case 6) and Wright College. Goldberg died in 1997 and BGA was closed soon afterward.

  1. Delaware-Seneca Building, Chicago, IL, 1974. Rendering, [1974].
  2. Chicago Tri-Tower (aka Sky-Tri), Chicago, IL, c.1988. Elevation, c.1988.
  3. Wright College, Omni Building, Chicago, IL, 1986-1992. Interior view, c.1992.
  4. Wright College, LRC Building. Exterior view, c.1992.
  5. Metro Plaza Office Building, Phoenix, AZ, 1984-1987. Exterior view, c.1987.
  6. Walton-Seneca Building, Chicago, IL, 1977. Elevation detail, [1977].
  7. Walton-Seneca Building, Chicago, IL, 1977. Elevation, [1977].
  8. State Street Center, Chicago, IL, 1982. Exterior rendering, [1982].
  9. Nightworld, Orlando, FL, 1979. Site plan, [1979].
  10. Lakeshore Grand Towers, Chicago, IL, 1989-1991. Rendering, c.1989-1991.
  11. Lakeshore Grand Towers. Model view, c.1989-1991.
  12. Gary Tourist Center, Phase III, Gary, IN, 1989-1991. Exterior rendering, c.1990.

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