• Recto of print
  • Recto of print with original mount
  • Verso of original mount
  • Photomicrograph showing print surface (scale bar is in micrometers)
  • Photomicrograph of artist’s monogram in lower right corner of print (scale bar is in millimeters)

Frederick H. Evans (English, 1853–1943)

Piscina in Chancel of Little Snoring Church, Norfolk, England, c. 1905

Platinum print; 22.8 x 12.7 cm (image/paper); 25.2 x 14.2 cm (first mount); 25.6 x 14.5 cm (second mount); 26.4 x 15.4 cm (third mount); 27.3 x 16.1 cm (fourth mount); 37.7 x 21.5 (fifth mount)
Alfred Stieglitz Collection, 1949.821


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