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Faces, Places, and Inner Spaces, a new interactive exhibition in the Hammerman Gallery of the Kraft Education Center, introduces you to a selection of art from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Here, you can explore 5 of the 11 works of art in the exhibition and take a virtual tour of the gallery space. Play games, look, read, and have fun!

Read and learn more with the publication Faces, Places, and Inner Spaces, the award-winning book by Jean Sousa.

Teachers, find sample lesson plans and a bibliography from the Faces, Places, and Inner Spaces teacher manual. This manual and many others are available from the Elizabeth Stone Robson Teacher Resource Center.




Curator: Jean Sousa, Director, Interpretive Exhibitions and Family Programs, Department of Museum Education, the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sponsors: Faces, Places, and Inner Spaces was organized by the Art Institute of Chicago and is supported by a gift from the Dr. Scholl Foundation. Ongoing programs are supported by the Siragusa Foundation.

Met Life Foundation
This exhibition was awarded a MetLife Foundation Museum Connections grant.

Major support has been received from The Searle Family Fund at The Chicago Community Trust.


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