Bibliography: Irving Penn Bibliography (English-language only)

This selected bibliography contains materials in English that pertain to Irving Penn's life and career, including books by Penn, about Penn, exhibition catalogs, reviews, and more. The bibliography also includes information on primary source collections related to Penn and selected Vogue articles by and about Irving Penn. See also the Irving Penn Bibliography of foreign language material. For more information on the books that Irving Penn published, please see the theme essay on Book Projects.

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Vogue Articles

The Vogue Historical Archive is available at the Art Institute of Chicago, the SAIC campus, or from other locations with an ARTIC username and password. Please check your local library for access.

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Primary Source Collections

Irving Penn Archives. Ryerson and Burnham Archives, Ryerson and Burnham Libraries, Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, IL.

There are surveys of Penn's work for Vogue in the Photography Study Room and the Irving Penn Paper Archives.

  • Irving Penn: Vogue Survey September 1, 1968–May 1996 (Photography Study Room)
  • Irving Penn: Vogue Survey October 1, 1948–August 15, 1968 (Photography Study Room)
  • Vogue, American: Index of Penn's work featured in Vogue 1943–1965, compiled by Vogue (Box.FF 1.2.28)
  • Vogue, American: Index of Penn's work featured in Vogue 1966–1985, compiled by Vogue (Box.FF 1.2.29)
  • Vogue Survey: Index of Penn's work featured in Vogue October 1943–December 1998, compiled by staff of The Art Institute of Chicago (Box.FF 128.1-2)
Additionally, there is a small collection of miscellaneous ephemera in the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries pamphlet collection. Irving Penn, P-08008.

The Irving Penn Photographic Collection, 1944–1945. Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs. New York, NY.