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Despite the fact that the Plan of Chicago is sometimes referred to as "The Burnham Plan," many other individuals contributed to its ideas, as well provided the means for its production. The hundreds of pages of meeting minutes and correspondence between members of the Merchants and Commercial Clubs, prominent businessmen, and special interest groups attest to the truly collaborative effort expended on the Plan.

This section is divided thematically into two parts: The Planners, which includes internal correspondence and meeting minutes (1906-1909) showing the work of the planners, especially concerning organization and strategy; and Research, Outreach & Publication, also consisting of incoming and outgoing correspondence (1906-1909) concerning the Plan's content and demonstrating the range of input from various interest groups.

Together, these bodies of material present a broad picture of who the planners were and their methodology for undertaking a project of such magnitude. While Burnham's influence remains throughout, these documents present a more complex and communal side to the planning process.
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