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Careers in Science, Art, and Technology

Imaging and Imagining Space: A Collaboration Between Art and Science
A collaborative exhibition about space by artist Pamela Bannos and astronomer and physicist Farhad Zadeh

Art, the Environment, and New Technology
Contemporary artist Laurie Hogin uses 16th and 17th century painting techniques to comment on current political, social, and cultural attitudes about the environment.

Transgenic Art
Contemporary artist Eduardo Kac uses Internet and transgenic technologies to create interactive installations and works of art.

Conservation of Public Sculpture
Andrzej Dajnowski uses fine arts training and scientific processes to conserve out-door monuments, and historical artifacts.

Nanotechnology: Making Science a Smaller World
Ryan Bailey examines the artistic and scientific applications of nanotechnology.

Research Microscopy and Scientific Imaging
Joe Barabe uses microscopy and scientific imaging to analyze and authenticate works of art.