The Audience

Openings, Celebrations, and Satires Over the course of the Armory Show, the press reported on social events directly and indirectly related to the exhibition as well as on the artworks it featured.

Harriet Monroe, A Critical Voice As a Chicago Daily Tribune art critic, Harriet Monroe gave the Armory Show serious consideration; despite some initial skepticism about the more radical works in the exhibition, her writings demonstrate not only her efforts to responsibly inform the public about the new art but to understand and appreciate the works herself.

Making Sense of It All Chicago journalists made diverse attempts to explain the artworks on view at the Armory Show to their readers. Their interpretations ranged from proposals that the artists were playing practical jokes on the viewers to sincere efforts to understand modern aesthetics.

The Language of Social Disorder In the local media, many articles, editorials, and cartoons tried to associate the look of modern art with troubling contemporary issues, including crime, mental illness, political corruption, and women's suffrage.