The Art Institute of Chicago is in the midst of designing a series of innovative art experiences incorporating 3-D technologies.

We’re approaching the development of these programs, which is generously supported by an IMLS Sparks Ignition grant as experiments to determine how the inclusion of 3-D technology affects engagement with the museum’s collection. These programs range from family-friendly 3-D scanning sessions to weeklong explorations of design with educators. As part of the project, we’ll also be developing tours using 3-D models for visitors suffering from Alzheimer’s.

We’ve convened a Museum3D Advisory Team who will work with an evaluator, Elory Rozner, to test, document, and discuss what we learn along the way—all of which will be documented on this blog. We hope sharing our process will be illuminating and help others to meaningfully use 3-D technologies with museum collections.

We’d love your feedback along the way—be part of the conversation! Got ideas? Want to know more? Comment on the blog, tweet @Museum_3D,  or share something on our Museum3D Facebook page.

Thank you,

The Museum3D Advisory Team