The Art Institute of Chicago Museum3D Advisory Team brings together a creative group of museum staff with backgrounds in education and technology working along with outside experts from a variety of disciplines.  Find out more about each of us below.

eneely_HeadshotElizabeth Neely
Museum3D Project Director

About me
Employing media and technology to help… Read More


erElory Rozner
Project Evaluator
Education Consultant

About me
I design education programs and… Read More


tburtonwood_portraitTom Burtonwood
Project Artistic Advisor

About me
I am an artist and educator based in … Read More

Sarah_AlvarezSarah Alvarez
Director of Teacher Programs




HillaryHillary Cook
Teen & Museum Partnership Programs Coordinator

About me
For the past 5 years I have managed the Museum’s… Read More



Carolina_portraitCarolina Kaufman
Museum3D Project Coordinator

Education Technology Manager

About me
Combining my work experiences and… Read More

Susan_portraitSusan Kuliak
Interim Trott Family Director, Interpretive Exhibitions and Family Programs, Museum Education

About me
Creating gallery and studio opportunities for... Read More


Lucas Livingston - InspireLucas Livingston
Assistant Director, Senior Programs

About me
Visitor engagement and art education for… Read More



MeghanMeghan McLaren
Coordinator of Family Programs

About me
As the Coordinator of Family ProgramsRead More



SamSam Quigley
VP for Collections Management, Imaging & Information Technology/ Museum CIO

My Job and My Interests
I’ve got a full time fun job working with …Read More



William Robertson
Technology Integration Producer

About me
I help to coordinate … Read More



Robin Schnur
Director of Student Programs

About me
Making this museum come alive for… Read More


dstark_8 copyDavid Stark
Director of Administration and Adult Programs

About me
Besides administrative work for museum education, I engage… Read More



gv_humboldtparkGeorgina Valverde
Coordinator of Teacher Programs

About me
I am an artist and educator. I design … Read More