My Job and Interests:

Creating gallery and studio opportunities for intergenerational audiences— cultivating curiosity about art; facilitating learning and discovery; fostering the sharing of diverse perspectives; encouraging creative responses to the museum and its collection in the form of multiple modes of artmaking; and opening up the world of the museum to new audiences.

Fun Facts about Me:

  • Always looking for opportunities to learn new things
  • Enjoy exploring connections between art, nature, and science
  • Have always loved ” making” in it’s many forms—including traditional art-making media as well as cooking, playing, sewing, knitting, digital media, robotics, and growing edibles and perennials.

An Artwork that Inspires Me:

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by George Seurat. I’ve enjoyed this painting since I was a small child.  I still get lost in the flurry of colorful brushstrokes that create different colors optically from near to far, as the objects in the painting go in and out of focus.