Chicago Architecture: Ten Visions
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Chicago Architecture Ten Visions  
Jeanne Gang
Douglas Garofalo
Ralph Johnson
Ronald Krueck
Eva Maddox
Margaret McCurry
Elva Rubio
Katerina Ruedi Ray
Joe Valerio
Xavier Vendrell
November 26, 2004 - April 3, 2005    


    Xavier Vendrell

    A graduate of the interior design program of the University of Cincinnati in 1966, Eva Maddox was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 1992. Eva Maddox Associates, a Chicago-based firm, was established in 1975. In 2002, she and her firm became part of Perkins & Will, now known as Perkins & Will|Eva Maddox Branded Environments. Under the leadership of Maddox, the firm has undertaken the planning and design of interiors for health care, retail, office space, as well as design of corporate identities, textiles, and packaging. Maddox is also the cofounder of Archeworks, a school dedicated to the development of design systems for people who are most in need. Maddox, along with Stanley Tigerman, created Archeworks in 1994 with a mission to educate its students so that they obtain the knowledge and skills to develop design solutions for social needs.

    Chicago Public Education: Future Learning Environment
    Maddox’s installation is a vision that supports a new model for education. The traditional educational system has negated the idea of differentiated learning, presenting information in a one-way flow from teacher to student. This installation presents an alternate vision based on flexible architectural arrangements, adjustable and movable modular building systems, and technology-driven tools that customize content and adapt to individual students’ learning styles. This new environment reflects the shift from the historical one-way delivery of information to a fully immersive, interactive environment.

    Architect’s statement (excerpt)
    Our vision integrates new technologies and interactive environments into the educational system, allowing students to tailor their own environment while mining information from it. The teacher facilitates and curates the learning process as the architecture adapts to each child’s learning style. Our new curriculum and architectural environment reflects the shift from the historical one-way delivery of information to a fully immersive interactive environment. Mayor Richard M. Daley’s Educational Initiative and vision statement for the City of Chicago reads “technology in the service of education.” The architecture of the Future Learning Environment will be nimble and transparent to support the continual integration of new technology and equipment and provide our children with the inspiration, skills, and means to succeed in a knowledge-based, global economy.

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