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About Museum3D

Museum3D shares the process associated with designing, implementing, and evaluating a series of public programs using 3-D technologies at the Art Institute of Chicago. This project is supported by a one-year IMLS Sparks Ignition grant. We’d love your feedback along the way by commenting on the blog, tweeting @Museum_3D or sharing something on our Museum3D Facebook page.

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The Art Institute of Chicago is in the midst of designing a series of innovative art experiences incorporating 3-D technologies. We’re approaching the development of these programs, which is generously supported by an IMLS Sparks Ignition grant as experiments to determine how the inclusion of 3-D technology affects engagement with the museum’s collection. These programs range…

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Kicking off

The Museum3D advisory team kicked off the IMLS grant in early October. This group consists of representatives from the departments of Digital Information and Access, Museum Education and external artists and advisors. Public program leads from the Museum Education department shared initial summaries and goals of the planned programs. The evaluation strategy for the grant needs…

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