As part of last weekend’s Diwali Family Festival, the Museum3D team held its first grant funded 3-D event. ‘Pose Like a Statue’ had four components for exploring 3-D in the museum: 1) Scanning kids as they pose like a statue; 2) Artist Tom Burtonwood demonstrating and discussing 3-D printing in his practice; 3) 123DCatch Scanning in the Alsdorf Galleries; 4) Kids making Play-doh sculptures from 3-D printed molds.

1455177_10152001994528491_1284972357_nMany visitors got to experience 3-D technologies in action with 532 visitors dropping by the Ryan Education Center 3-D events and 139 visitors scanning in the Alsdorf gallery.

We’ll post more reflections to come from various viewpoints.  As a strong emphasis of our research is on evaluation, following are the instruments used to determine outcomes of the event.

Evaluation Instruments – Pose Like a Statue